About us

Our studio was founded in Kharkiv (Ukraine) in 2007. For a few years of our creative activity we've done many projects in such areas as web design, branding and illustration development. To see the result of our work, please, visit the Portfolio page.

Zen proverb says:

"No matter what you take up, — music, love, bookshelf, food — do it as good as possible. To act otherwise — means to act heartlessly."
We decided to take this wise saying as a major principle of our studio — we love our work and we love to do it well.

Our Principles:

1We never stop at what has been accomplished, constantly studying, improving our skills and opening up new vistas.

2We are always honest with our customer and expect the same treatment on his part. We always try to keep the customer informed providing complete information about the current project status at every stage of its implementation.

3Each single project is special and unique for us. Getting down to work we become totally absorbed in the customer’s project and thoroughly study its subject in order to convey the project’s atmosphere and peculiarity in full measure.

4We know how to listen to the customer and always do our best to heed his wishes. However, we are always ready to offer our own vision of the project.

Latest works

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Special offers

1If you order website, illustration or corporate identity in our studio for the first time, be sure to get a guaranteed 10% discount for any subsequent order.

2We offer a permanent 20% discount for musicians, bands, artists, sculptors and other creative people.

3You will be granted a discount if you’ve got some concept of a website or an illustration which we consider interesting.

4If you have a modest budget, but still you need a website, we can take on your project provided that you completely entrust the project to us and rarely interfere in the creative process.

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